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Oct 16 2008

Another Great Carry Bag Advertising Idea

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This is yet another great way to use carry bags to grab attention and promote your business.

I simply can not understand why some businesses continue to use boring bag designs when there are so many brilliant ideas around.

Once again, it’s simply a matter of converting an existing, non productive, cost into a supercharged Advertising and promotional tool.



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Oct 13 2008

A Great Gym Promotional Idea…

This promotional stunt was for a gymnasium, but you too could use it tomorrow…

The power of this promotion is in the Something for FREE factor plus it’s a highly visible public event, plus, the business name features on every pic and is included in the background of the caricature. Very clever thinking and would be surprisingly low cost.



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Sep 29 2008

The Bud Light Advertisement That Won an Emmy, But Has Never Been Seen on TV…

Published by Lindsay under Uncategorized

Even though it has never been shown on public TV [which makes it a tad ironic that it won an awards program for the best in television entertainment] but it has been seen by more than 12 million people (via youtube), Bud Light won the first-ever Emmy for ‘Swear Jar’.


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Sep 11 2008

I Dare You To Carry This Into Your Next Meeting…

C’mon I dare you to…

Just imagine the faces of all those conservative “same, same” beurocratic pains in the arse, sittng around the board room table, when you mince in with this little gem tucked under your arm and announce, you are about to “bring home the bacon”.


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Sep 02 2008

Three Great Signs That Will Be Noticed…




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Sep 01 2008

Grab Attention With a New Photographic Treatment…

In a world littered with cheese cake, cliche images it great to come across something different…

Lets face it, they are borderline kitsch, but they work and they will grab a whole lot more attention than some of the horrendously expensive, same same, “model” shots.






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Aug 25 2008

Here is a couple of signs I wish I had the courage to use…

 Are these signs a case of a little too much honesty in Advertising?

Or, are they a clever way of breaking through some of the mind numbingly “SAME SAME” clutter.



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Aug 20 2008

An Advertising Piece and Business Card Idea With Real Heart

 This is a great way to promote a business by dramatizing exactly what it is you do.

The use of the heart icon is instantly recognizable and by combing its use as both a promotional piece and a business card costs are kept to a absolute minimum.


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Aug 18 2008

Queensland Tourism Flashes Flesh in the Streets To Grab Attention

To make Queensland Australia the number one choice for a winter holiday.
They decided to have bikini-clad ladies and bathing suited boys in heavy coats flashing people in the much colder southern states of Australia.

24 male and female models ran about Melbourne and Sydney flashing people, targeting commuters in the chilly gray mornings.


The trench coats were lined with a tropical Queensland backdrop, putting the swimsuit clad models on the beach.
The Flashers also handed out business cards, directing commuters to the tourism Queensland website where they could win a winter holiday to Queensland.


The Results: The event gained coverage from all major media networks, including prime time TV reports, plus newspaper coverage.

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Aug 15 2008

Stop Sending Me This Stuff

Published by Lindsay under EDITORIAL COMMENTS

O.K. Maybe just a few more…





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